SS Sturmscharfurer (Code: SE55)


 We begin this collection whit this superb figure of a SS Sturmcharfhurer the more higher in the no commissioned officers, of the mitical SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Division. Dress parade black uniform and show the exclusive bracelet what credited belong of the more know of the Waffen SS divisions

Few german units can proud of the records page like of the SS Leibstandarte division. None croos Europe than times in one or another way. Whit exception of Scandinavia and North o Africa, fight in all fronts what Germany had open. 

The Leibstandarte formed in the Waffen SS, a military corp not free in absolute of polemic, but everybody fan of the military history discriminate without problems of the policial repressive complex and the Waffen SS or Armed SS. What support a hard weight in all military campaign what suppose the Second World War. The figure try to  recreate this pride and arrogant look what forever want show the members from his born how regiment in 1933.

  • Presentation: In luxury quilted case
  • Paint: artisanally painted by water resistent paints
  • Total weight of: 1.479 grs
  • Pedestal: brown, barnished ultraviolet, high bright
  • Number of pieces: 11
  • Pedestal sizes(mm): 70x70x52
  • Pedestal write: "Leibstandarte Adolph Hitler"
  • Total measure including a wood base: 27 cm
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