Legionary Chapiri (Code: BO022)



Artistic and right reproduction of the pledge what better reflect the spirit and history of the Spanish Legion. A careful reproduction what even the tuft look like of natural thread. Presented over a pedestal ideal for a table. 

chapiri legionario

FERPRAD have give all his affection to the time to honoured this cap full of glory. The Chapiri  is the legionary pledge by excellency and no governments, past or presents, can´t get out with this pledge inspired in the olds “isabeline” caps, the barrack caps used by the troops of the queen Isabel II of Spain. 

chapiri legionario

The own Legion  founder, the lieutenant colonel José Millán Astray, says over him: “The cap is the classic what used the spanish military for many years. Have an special attractive, is graceful, breezy and very martial. And is, of course, infinitely more aesthetic what the rounds caps. Is the type of cap what characterized   to the legionaries”.

chapiri legionario

Technically, the term “Chapiri” is a diminutive of the Gallicism “chaperot”, what were a head pledge of the XVIII century in form of hood  which sleeve can be down over the back. The use of this cap by the mounted units compel to recover his sleeve inside of his pocket and tie him whit a string, what derived years after in the “isabeline” cap quarter  of the XIX century 

chapiri ingles

  • Presentación: in luxury quilted case

  • Pintura: artisanally painted by water resistent paints

  • Peso total:  659

  • Peana: brown, ultraviolet barnished, high bright

  • Nº de piezas: 3

  • Medidas peana (mm): 12X8X3

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