Skier climber 1945 Military Mountain School (Code: SE26)


Figure over snow of a soldier in cross uniform of Escuela Militar de Montaña (Military Mountain School)  in the year 1945.

In this times are yet specialized troops able to combat in the more complicated and harder environments.   

 Before of this in 1924 was created twelve battalions of Rangers (Cazadores) of Mountain, whit this forces come the Civil War (1936-39) in was created another specialized units how the Patrol of Skiers of Sierra Nevada and the skiers battalions of Sierra Nevada and the Pirineos, what was been dissolved at the end of war.  

For his special drill and formation will be necessary the creation of a specialized centre, for this was created in the city of Jaca the Escuela Militar de Alta Montaña (High Mountain Military School) the 12 of October of 1945.  

In 1956 whit an reorganization of the army the school come to be named Escuela Militar de Montaña y Operaciones Especiales (Military School of Mountain and of Spacial Operations) EMMOE.  

From them it train to the members to spanish body of officers in tactics of climbing, mountain, sky, survival, irregular, special and  guerrilla operations and also test weapons and equipment. 


Is considered one of the best centre of the world in his class.  

  • Presentation: in luxury quilted case
  • Paint: artisanally painted by water resistent paints
  • Total weight of:  3.072 grs
  • Pedestal: brown, ultraviolet barnished, high bright
  • Number of pieces: 25
  • Pedestal sizes(mm):  260x120x30
  • Pedestal write:  "Escuela Militar de Montaña y Operaciones Especiales.Esquiador Escalador 1945"
  • Total measure including a wood base: 23 cm
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