Spanish Army

FERPRAD offers you an historical sweep over what today is named Spanish Army (Ejército de Tierra) although in different times was called in many ways. We offer a complete run for his history. From our legendary Tercios of the Alba´s Duke to the modern Paratrooper Brigade, a completed and detailed vision of the corps what are raised the fame of our Armed Forces.

The history of the armies is the history of his military academies.

Homage to one of more importants branches of our army

The natural elegance of the cavalry is obvious for our firm.

The mountain troops have for centuries specialized units in the spanish armies.

Conceived how representation of the superior administration of armies this figure resume the attributions of the High Command

Infantry, the loyal infantry.

Vital for any deploy or military task.

A sentence say “Give all the necessary”

With a total admiration to this legendary corps

The most modern and charismatic troops of our actual Armed Forces

The Regulares (regular colonial troops) Forces are a really cradle of heroism

Is the more new branch of our Armed Forces

Are the beginnings of the modern military sanity

Transmission and communications units

Fight without respire in this age

this occasion in a central characteristic of the spanish armies

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