Civil Guard in Philippines XIX century (Code: GC03)


Guardia Civil de Filipinas XIXGuardia Civil de Filipinas XIX

For the unification of the differents security forces in the spanish possession of the Philippines archipelago in the XIX century were established a service of the Civil Guard specially for the islands with the creation of a Tercio in the Luzon island the 24 of March of 1868. 

Guardia Civil de Filipinas XIXGuardia Civil de Filipinas XIX

With a total force of 1.045 with 8 captains, 16 lieutenants, 16 first lieutenants, 8 first sergeants, 8 sergeants,  64 first corporals, 64 corporals, 8 cornets and 824 guards. All the troop were tagalo indigenous. This success of recruitment provoked the constitution  of a second Tercio in the island of Mindanao and another specific, Tercio Veterana, for the capital Manila.

Guardia Civil de Filipinas XIXGuardia Civil de Filipinas XIX

This forces apart the specific duties in public order and for natural disasters like typhoons or storms play his combat role in differents campaigns against insurgents tribes like the “Datos”, the “Moros” of Joló island or the Igarrotes or in fight against Indonesian and Chinese pirates. In 1895 a new Tercio was create in the ville of Nueva Ecija with this new unit the numeral of the Philippines Tercio´s was 20º, 21º and 22º and the “Veterana of Manila” without numeration, and ascend the forces to the Civil Guard in the Philippines to 16 high officers, 143 officers, 534 NCO´s and 2.992 guards to the end of the spanish possession in 1898.

Guardia Civil de Filipinas XIX

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