Transmission Corps Beret (Code: BO018)


 boina de transmisiones

Scale figure of the beret of some specific transmissions units of the Spanish Army. Finished in his characteristic red wine colour typical of the engineers  branch  is noted the transmissions emblem. 



boina de transmisionesboina de transmisiones


A unit rather unknown, this representation of his ordnance  beret  is presented over a methacrylate pedestal. The carefully  design of this replica replicate whit all exactitude this head pledge what wear the members of the Centre of Maintenance of Transmissions Devices and Systems of  Hardware and Software in the Regiment of Electronic Warfare, placed near of Madrid.


boina de transmisiones

  • Paint:  Hand crafted painted with acrylic paints.
  • Total Weight: 435 grs
  • Presentation:  In luxury kilted cage
  • Pedestal: metacrilato
  • Nº of pieces: 3
  • Total high (with pedestal): 5 cm 
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