Teresian cap of the Spanish Infantry of Marine (Code: BO041)


Of eight sides form, this head pledge is used in exclusivity by the Infantry of Marine in all branches of the Spanish armies, for these one this pledge is a seal of identity of the Spanish Infantry of Marine part herself of the Armada, Spanish Navy. This cap replaced some years ago the popular beret and is clearly inspirited in the famous “picks cap” of the US marines.

Wear the badge of the branch in black in  the central side of the cap. All characteristics details of this pledge are included how the two transpirations holes in the both sides. 


  • Paint:  Hand crafted painted with acrylic paints.
  • Total Weight: 359 grs
  • Presentation:  In luxury kilted cage
  • Nº of pieces: 1
  • Total high: 3,50 cm
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