Cavalry Beret (Code: BO025)


Boina Caballeria Boina Caballeria

This figure is representative of all our admiration for the story of the Spanish Cavalry, a branch of the army what for of loose his roots is the living flame of someone of the more heroics Spanish regiments.

Boina Caballeria Boina Caballeria

Today in the XXI century and replete of mechanized elements the modern cavalry preserves with the technological improvements their fundamentals values in the battlefield: initiative, speed and fluidity.

Boina Caballeria

  • Paint:  Hand crafted painted with acrylic paints.
  • Total Weight: 435 grs
  • Presentation:  In luxury kilted cage.
  • Nº of pieces: 3
  • Total high  (with pedestal): 5 cm


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