Cap of NCO Spanish Army (Code: BO031)


Reproduction for table of the actual NCO Cap of the Spanish Army, plate stile. Finished to the more least detail than in the reproduction of the insignia how in any of the embroideries. The alloy texture recreate even the own cloth of this cap.

Of new, FERPRAD want approach close his products to one of the basics supports of the Spanish Armed Forces, the No Commissioned Officer, NCO. This realistic reproduction in metal is one of the representation presents with more success of the firm FERPRAD. The forms have been study with absolute accuracy in order to obtain a superb reproduction of this head pledge, absolute symbol of military identity.

  • Paint:  Hand crafted painted with acrylic paints.
  • Total Weight: 315 grs
  • Presentation:  In luxury kilted cage
  • Nº of pieces: 2
  • Total high: 3 cm


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