Beret Military Emergency Unit (Code: BO006)


A pledge any day more popular among the Spanish society; the Beret of the Emegency Military Unit (UME) is presented with his texture and original color, the realism of this piece symbolize the admiration of FERPRAD for the very close work to the Spanish society in calamity situations, what perform this single military unit. 

The coat what is seen in this beret, the UME coat, have a particular significance. The gold bands show the communications ways breaks and the red (symbol of fire) and blue (representative of water) they are the possible outside events what have provoked the emergency situation. All in accordance with the tasks of this military unit.

  • Paint:  Hand crafted painted with acrylic paints.
  • Total Weight: 435 grs
  • Presentation:  In luxury kilted cage.
  • Nº of pieces: 3
  • Total high  (with pedestal): 5 cm


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